From the brick to the shingles, High Beam’s got you covered. We offer convenient, comprehensive inspections for residential and commercial properties in Gallatin Valley. Nick begins every inspection with a detailed conversation outlining the major areas of inspection and a review of possible add-on services. You’ll know exactly what to expect.

Once the contract is finalized, High Beam will inspect your property, looking at the major and minor components of:

1. Exteriors
2. Roofing
3. Structure
4. Insulation & Ventilation
5. Interiors
6. Electrical Systems
7. Heating Systems
8. Air Conditioning
9. Plumbing

The Walk Around

All home and property inspections include a face-to-face “Walk Around”. This summary immediately following the inspection will give you a head’s up on what to expect in the final report so that there aren’t any surprises. Nick will outline his concerns and help you understand what’s a big deal and what isn’t. He’ll help you identify which are functional or aesthetic concerns versus what is a threat to human life and safety.

The Final Report

This high-value inspection will address the items that concern you, but will also point you to issues that you might not have not previously considered. Within 24 hours of inspection, High Beam will generate and share a final report.

Our Inspection offerings include:


For those purchasing a home, High Beam home inspections provides quick, detailed information to help you negotiate a better deal or simply have peace of mind.


This service provides sellers an opportunity to learn about any potential issues that may arise on a Pre-Purchase Home or PropertyInspection.

Pre-warranty Expiration

This is an inspection for new homes with a home builder warranty. The inspection report is used as a “To Do” list for the builder to fix any issues covered under the warranty before it expires.


High Beam offers commercial inspections à la carte for buyers. With Nick’s extensive background in construction and property management, he’ll bring in specialized, licensed contractors as needed to generate reports, including cost estimates for repairs and updates.

Additional Services

Radon Testing

Radon’s a naturally-occurring gas found in some Montana homes and can have a significant impact on indoor air quality. It’s the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. High Beam’s radon testing produces results in 48 hours.

Mold & Asbestos Testing

Molds produce allergens and irritants which may cause reactions in sensitive individuals if inhaled or touched. Asbestos is a mineral fiber used in construction material decades ago which can cause lung disease. Nick will conduct tests for three kinds of mold and/or asbestos. These samples will be sent to a lab for analysis and results will be available within a week.


In Montana’s harsh climate, it’s critical to monitor water systems. Improper winterization, frozen pipes, or water hitting the house may create foundation issues. High Beam will perform an extensive workout of the irrigation system and components. Nick will generate a detailed report on condition and functionality.

Pool & Spa

Many properties in Montana include hot tubs and other spa features. If these amenities aren’t properly maintained, they can incur huge costs to repair or remove. High Beam will check out the plumbing, electrical, and overall condition of these installations.


• Foreclose and Short Sale Inspection
• Bank-Funded Draw Inspection

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